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Community Church for May 2, 2021

By Worship

The Community Church Newsletter for May 2, 2021, is now available.

Bishop Ann Svennengsun has a reply to last week’s verdict in the Derek Chauvin case. You can read it in today’s newsletter.

Last Sunday we welcomed six new members to Holy Trinity. I’ve attached a document with pictures and information about all of them. Perhaps you’ll recognize them when we worship in person.

Worship for April 11, 2021

By News, Worship

As a gift to the whole synod, the staff of the Minneapolis Area Synod and Church Anew created a powerful worship service for all of us to share. Many thanks to those involved in the service:

  • Preacher: Rev. Dr. Eric Barreto
  • Children’s sermon: preacher Rev. John Hulden
  • Presiding minister: Bishop Ann Svennungsen
  • Assisting minister: Rev. Wondimu Sonessa
  • Musicians: Hans Peterson, Rev. Steve Thompson, Michele Crowder, Rev. Jeff Engholm, and Rev. Matthew Ian Fleming.
  • ASL interpreters: Wendy Devore and Mary Catherine
  • Twin Cities Sound specialist: Adam Voreis

Worship for Easter Vigil, April 3, 2021

By Worship

Keeping vigil on Easter eve is an ancient practice for the church. For centuries Christians have come together in vigil in darkness as night falls. The liturgy is multifaceted, rich, and playful. Twelve readings are appointed, not all of which are read each year, but as a whole they lift up some of the greatest moments of the history of God’s salvific work. This year, we hear: Creation told by the Olsen-Biebighausers; the Ark by the Liedholm household; Deliverance at the Red Sea told by the Aldrich duo; Isaiah 55 by the Weiss-Lunds; and the Valley of Dry Bones told by the Rodriguez family. And we’re also adding in a bonus story: David and Goliath told by Mike Mann. The evening will end with Peter and Amy Johnson telling the Resurrection story.

Worship for Good Friday, April 2, 2021

By Worship

The Three Days continue with tonight’s Good Friday liturgy, which tells the story of Jesus’ Passion. Tonight we meet Jesus at the foot of the cross. As we grieve his death, we voice our lives’ laments: Asian American and Pacific Islander violence and discrimination; policing and the criminal justice system; growing economic inequality; gun violence; and COVID deaths. Even in the sorrow of this day, we trust in the resurrection promises given to us. We end tonight’s service in silence.