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Public Voice and Organizing

The Public Voice and Organizing Committee gathers regularly to pray for discernment, to consider all of the issue-based work in which Holy Trinity is engaged, and to ask big-picture questions about Holy Trinity’s engagement in the public square. The responsibilities of the committee include discernment of the following: How is Holy Trinity meeting its congregational goals related to justice in our world? How is Holy Trinity engaging the tools of community organizing both internally and in our outward-facing ministries? To whom in our neighborhood is Holy Trinity listening? Where is God calling us to act powerfully in the neighborhood? With whom is Holy Trinity partnering to win concrete improvements in people’s lives, to give people a sense of their own power, and to alter the relations of power?

The Public Voice and Organizing Committee does not lead on specific issues but seeks to offer support to—and to embolden the efforts of—the existing and future issue-based working groups (see below), through financing, publicity, communication, and strategy. This committee also acts as a discernment body as the congregation considers where to lend our energy and attention. Committee members commit to receiving training in community organizing and to engaging in regular one-on-one conversations with congregation members, working group members, and neighbors.