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Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Racial Justice Statement

We proclaim that we are all created in God’s image and that God has called us all “good.” That God, through Jesus, gathers us together as diverse and equally beloved children. That the Holy Spirit through the gospel compels us to follow Jesus’ reconciling footsteps toward racial justice.

Those of us who are people of color or indigenous suffer injustice when these truths are not lived out in God’s world. Those of us who are white are entwined in a network of unearned privilege that distances us from the fullness of humanity and from God. We all acknowledge that standing in silence strengthens racism and violence. Given these beliefs, we confess all these sins and strive to be the beloved community to which we are called.

We understand that the call to racial justice applies to us as individuals, as participants in institutions like Holy Trinity, and in larger systems in our world. We take responsibility to use a “racial justice lens” to look at the ways in which racism and white privilege shape our congregational life and our interface with our community.

Holy Trinity has had a long history of involvement in social justice, racial justice work, and, more recently, identifying white privilege. Yet, we know that there is more for us to do to ensure that all elements of our congregational life reflect equity and justice.

Be it resolved: Following the inclusive and reconciling footsteps of Jesus, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church publicly declares that we will actively pursue racial justice in all aspects of our congregational life and make changes to better align our practices to being a racially just, beloved community.