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Indigenous Rights

Holy Trinity acknowledges that we gather in the Dakota Homeland. We are committed to education and advocacy around the rights of indigenous people of the United States and, specifically, of Minnesota.

The Doctrine of Discovery Task Force

The Holy Trinity Doctrine of Discovery Task Force was initially created to address the injustices done to the Native people of Minnesota, and issues raised by the Doctrine of Discovery. The premise of the Doctrine is that the mere discovery of Native land justified the taking of that land and the enslavement and extermination of its indigenous people.

The Doctrine of Discovery Task Force addresses two goal areas: education and advocacy.

In pursuit of these goals, the Task Force has provided education via adult forums, presentations of pertinent films, and joint relevant series with the Racial Justice Committee. The Doctrine was also the subject of Holy Trinity’s Johnson Symposium in Fall 2019, which featured Mark Charles as the keynote presenter.

In the area of advocacy, the Task Force developed and is promoting a piece of legislation which, if enacted, would generate a significant legacy fund for Native programs in the state. The fund would be financed by an increase in the state deed tax.

In addition, the Task Force has been working on cross-cultural programs at Chippewa City on the North Shore, a proposed book study with the Minneapolis Area Synod, and possible land recovery efforts.