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Community Church

Community Church for May 30, 2021

By Community Church

The Community Church Newsletter for May 30, 2021, is now available.

Today we are featuring excerpts from a powerful and timely sermon Pastor Angela heard Shari Seifert deliver at Calvary Lutheran Church.

On the second page you’ll find a partial list of events being held this week to commemorate the murder of George Floyd by police one year ago.

If you haven’t watched the video on the justice work done by HTLC since last May, I highly recommend you make time. Here is the link:

Community Church for May 9 2021

By Community Church

The Community Church Newsletter for May 9, 2021 is now available.

Pastor Ingrid was asked to offer a prayer at the beginning of the House of Representatives’ meeting on Monday, April 19. It is reprinted in today’s Community Church. And on page 2 of today’s newsletter, you can read more about Ingrid and see a picture taken near her childhood home.

There are links to several websites in this week’s newsletter. You can click to watch Sunday’s worship service or to watch Marge Torgerson’s funeral service. There’s also a link to a video where Lutheran Social Services presents the Servant of Christ Award to Holy Trinity.

You’ll read about an opportunity to get a COVID vaccination at Holy Trinity later this month on May 19. It’s the J & J vaccine—just a single shot. Call the office if you want to schedule an appointment.

Three podcast recommendations: “Scene on Radio: Seeing White,” recommended by Connie Adams, and “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” and “Mobituaries” recommended by Pam Blomgren. Send me your recommendations for books, podcasts, blogs, playlists, movies, etc.


Community Church for April 25, 2021

By Community Church

The Community Church Newsletter for April 25, 2021, is now available.

Today’s newsletter highlights Kaia Ellis, the financial director at Holy Trinity. She’s one of our newest staff members, and it’s fun to learn more about Kaia and her family.

The Creation Care Team has created a brochure that I’ve attached to this email. It can be printed and brought to the store when you’re shopping for replacement LED bulbs. Read about the 10,000 LED Light Bulb Campaign and other Earth Day opportunities in today’s newsletter.

Holy Trinity’s new website is live! Lots of time and planning went into this (and it’s still being tweaked). Check it out when you have a chance:

Community Church for April 18, 2021

By Community Church

The Community Church Newsletter for April 18, 2021, is now available.

Today we kick off a new segment in which you can learn more about the staff at Holy Trinity. Staff members have been asked to write about themselves, including information that isn’t available on our website. In today’s newsletter, Ann Schrooten provides stories from her past that you will all enjoy.

The Creation Care Team reminds us that Earth Day is April 22, but there are events happening prior to that day. We will highlight some over the next few weeks.

Community Church for April 4, 2021

By Community Church

The Community Church Newsletter for April 4, 2021, is now available.

Kris Christians shares her personal Palm Sunday procession in today’s newsletter. It’s really moving.

You’ll also find the schedule for Holy Week. The Zoom link for the service on Maundy Thursday was sent Saturday to all who receive worship video links and updates from Ingrid. She will send the information again prior to Thursday’s service. If you do not receive emails with worship video links from Ingrid, and you would like to, contact me and I’ll add you to that list.

The worship staff has worked hard to create worship videos for Holy Week. I hope you all get a chance to worship with Holy Trinity throughout this most holy of weeks.

Community Church Newsletter for March 28, 2021

By Community Church

The Community Church Newsletter for March 28, 2021, is now available. Holy Trinity’s Equity Team has provided an update. They have done lots of work around institutional racism and have created ways to (start to) address racism at Holy Trinity.

In the newsletter, you’ll see a small picture with our new Black Lives Matter flag. Here’s a video that’s waaaayyyy better. (Thanks, Katie Schroeder!)

The Public Voice and Organizing Committee has put out their spring newsletter. You can read it here.

Community Church Newsletter for March 21, 2021

By Community Church

The Community Church Newsletter for March 21, 2021, is now available. In today’s newsletter, Libby Olstad talks about the ACTION ( A Commitment to Inclusion in Our Neighborhoods) Project. The project was created and administered by Rev. Jia Starr Brown of First Covenant in Minneapolis. It sounds like the group is doing really important work.

There’s an opportunity to register for a 3-part course with Scott McCrae. It starts Tuesday, March 16, so if you’re interested, you’ll need to act quickly.