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Community Church for July 25, 2021

By Community Church

The Community Church Newsletter for July 25, 2021, is now available.

The Stepping Out in Faith group is BUSY! You can read about the initiatives they’re supporting in today’s newsletter. They plan to provide updates every 6 weeks, so look for more later this summer.

There’s information about Wednesday’s outdoor service, and an invitation to a celebration at the Gandhi Mahal Community Garden (you can go after the worship service).

New this week, I’ve linked the Bible readings, so no need to flip back and forth in your Bible.

Community Church for July 18, 2021

By Community Church

The Community Church newsletter for July 18, 2021 is now available.

In today’s newsletter, you hear from Pastor Ingrid Rasmussen about opening the church for in-person worship services. This is exciting!

And more exciting news: we have begun installing solar panels on the flat roof at Holy Trinity. There are some photos in the newsletter, but you can see more on Holy Trinity’s Facebook page.

Community Church for July 11, 2021

By Community Church

The Community Church Newsletter for July 11, 2021, is now available.

By now you have heard that Josiah Kibira died last week. Joel Wiberg, a good friend of Josiah’s, has written a lovely memorial. Please keep Josiah’s family in your prayers.


There’s an excellent list of new books that are available in the Holy Trinity library. Roberta is waiting for you to call or email her with the names of the books you want to check out!


Community Church for July 4, 2021

By Community Church

The Community Church Newsletter for July 4, 2021, is now available.

In today’s newsletter, Corey Bardon and the Racial Justice Group provide information about learning more about police reform and sharing ways we can be active in addressing the issue.

Deacon David and Intern Mollie are hosting some pilgrimages beginning July 6. This is a great way to reconnect with the Holy Trinity community and to meet the newest staff members.

And, very exciting news about the solar panels being installed on the roof of Holy Trinity NEXT WEEK!


Community Church for June 27, 2021

By Community Church

The Community Church Newsletter for June 27, 2021, is now available.

Rev. Dr. Kazuhiro Sekino is preaching for the June 27th video worship service. You can read about him in today’s Community Church. He has a very interesting background. There are links in the article so you can read more about him and/or listen to Japan’s “premiere Lutheran pastor hard rock band,” of which he is a member.

There’s a link for Episode 2 of the Communities of Calling Story-Sharing Project, information about Lutheran Night at the Twins (deadline to sign up is July 5!), and a great “getting to know the staff” article about Cantor David Sims.

Community Church for June 20

By Community Church

The Community Church Newsletter for June 20, 2021,is now available.

Elle Dowd wrote an article about the Emmanuel 9, who will be commemorated on June 17. It is reprinted in today’s newsletter. Here is some information about Elle Dowd that I found on her website:


Elle Dowd (she/her/hers) is a bi-furious recent graduate of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and a candidate for ordained ministry in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

She was formerly a co-conspirator with the movement to #decolonizeLutheranism and currently works as a community organizer with the Faith and Justice Collective and SOUL, writes regularly for the Disrupt Worship Project, and facilitates workshops on gender and sexuality and the Church in both secular conferences and Christian spaces. She is currently working on a book with Broadleaf to be released summer of 2021.

Community Church for June 13, 2021

By Community Church

The Community Church Newsletter for June 13, 2021, is now available.

Andrea Mwalilino has an office at Holy Trinity and feels like HT staff. In today’s newsletter, you can “get to know” Pastor Mwalilino of the Minnesota Swahili Christian Congregation.

Mollie Varpness, a seminary student at Luther, has been hired to work at Holy Trinity this summer. She describes her job duties.

There are a few opportunities for you: a local protest for Enbridge’s Line 3 and a summer bible study.

Community Church for June 6, 2021

By Community Church

The Community Church Newsletter for June 6, 2021, is now available.

In it, David Sims shares a hymn from the new publication All Creation Sings. Learn more about this supplement to the ELW here.

MNIPL is hosting a Zoom event TONIGHT at 7:00 p.m. Read more and register here (but do it quickly!)

Also, Dennis Ormseth has written a thoughtful poem. He has given us permission to share.

Community Church for May 30, 2021

By Community Church

The Community Church Newsletter for May 30, 2021, is now available.

Today we are featuring excerpts from a powerful and timely sermon Pastor Angela heard Shari Seifert deliver at Calvary Lutheran Church.

On the second page you’ll find a partial list of events being held this week to commemorate the murder of George Floyd by police one year ago.

If you haven’t watched the video on the justice work done by HTLC since last May, I highly recommend you make time. Here is the link: