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Community Church for January 3, 2021

The Community Church Newsletter is now available.

Today you can read a Christmas message from Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, the presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. She begins her message by talking about AMMPARO. You may be familiar with AMMPARO from a group at Holy Trinity who has been working with the organization for the last 2 years.

Ingrid found time to write a verse to carry us into the New Year. She probably doesn’t sleep…

It’s our first issue of 2021! We got to change the volume number AND the year. This is always such an exciting day.

There’s a link to the Christmas Eve worship service. If you haven’t yet watched it, it is highly recommend it. The worship staff did a wonderful job. You’ll hear the children’s choir, Cantate!, David playing the HT organ, and you’ll see pictures of members with their lit candles (while listening to “Silent Night”). And much of it is recorded in the sanctuary. It’s wonderful to see the space our home again.

Community Church for December 27, 2020

The Community Church Newsletter for December 27, 2020, is now available. Carol Masters wrote a poem about the thank-you notes Holy Trinity sent out to people who donated to our justice fund following the murder of George Floyd. The original notes used the following message (to which Carol refers in her poem):

Dear ____,
We speak his name: George Floyd.
We gratefully acknowledge your generous contribution to the Justice Fund at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. Your loving support enables us to serve our community and to be generous with our neighbors as we support the cause of justice together. Thank you for being our partner as we pray for and work toward a more equitable tomorrow.
____ , on behalf of the pastors, staff and congregation.

Community Church for December 20, 2020

The Community Church Newsletter for December 20, 2020, is now available.

Deacon David has written an educational and thought-provoking column about Our Lady of Guadalupe; it’s fascinating.

Please note that Sunday’s adult forum with David Sims will begin at 10:00 a.m. This is a change for December 20 only. You will have an extra half-hour to warm up your vocal cords and get ready to belt out those hymns.

There are many links in the newsletter this week. There’s a link to June Prange and Carolyn Schurr’s memorial service, which was held this past Saturday. There are links to the previous two piñata-making classes with Deacon David. There’s a link to last Wednesday’s adult forum (part 1 with Matt Skinner). There’s a link to the Stepping Out in Faith Town Hall event from last Thursday. And there are links to last week’s Advent Holden Evening Prayer service and Sunday’s worship service.