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Community Church for December 27, 2020

The Community Church Newsletter for December 27, 2020, is now available. Carol Masters wrote a poem about the thank-you notes Holy Trinity sent out to people who donated to our justice fund following the murder of George Floyd. The original notes used the following message (to which Carol refers in her poem):

Dear ____,
We speak his name: George Floyd.
We gratefully acknowledge your generous contribution to the Justice Fund at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. Your loving support enables us to serve our community and to be generous with our neighbors as we support the cause of justice together. Thank you for being our partner as we pray for and work toward a more equitable tomorrow.
____ , on behalf of the pastors, staff and congregation.

Worship video for Sunday, December 20

Good afternoon, Holy Trinity,

The worship video for Sunday, December 20 can be found here. This is the Fourth Sunday of Advent. As you gather your bread and wine, you may also want to find the tea lights in your Advent box. We’ll light four candles.

If you’re using an Advent wreath this season, you may choose to use these words as you light the fourth candle: As our Advent pilgrimage draws to completion, give us love. Not flimsy love. Not fickle love. But the resilient, enduring kind of love that rises to meet unexpected challenges; the resilient, enduring kind of love that embraces the vulnerable; the resilient, enduring kind of love that reaches across time and space. This is the love we find in Jesus of Nazareth—Emmanuel, God with us—whose coming is certain and whose day draws near.

With love,

Pastor Ingrid

Holden Evening Prayer on December 16, 2020

Join us for Holden Evening Prayer, virtually directed by Ann Schrooten, accompanied by Rachel Trelstad-Porter, and led by an ensemble of Holy Trinity singers. Holden is accompanied by slides of astronomical images that were organized by Professor James Flaten, who works for NASA’s MN Space Grant Consortium and who is based in the Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Department at the University of Minnesota. Linnea Krig and Lydia Belusa-Niesen, two of our young adult leaders, share tonight’s powerful reflection.