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Easter Vigil Worship, Saturday, April 11, 2020

Keeping vigil on Easter eve is an ancient practice for the church. The liturgy is multifaceted, rich, and playful. Twelve readings are appointed, not all of which are read each year, but as a whole they lift up some of the greatest moments of the history of God’s salvific work. This year, we hear: “In the Beginning” sung by Ann Schrooten; “Deliverance at the Red Sea” told by Rob and Sharon Englund; “The Valley of Dry Bones” told by Scott and Stephanie Cole; “Deliverance from the Fiery Furnace” told by John and Kay Buzza; and “The Resurrection Story” from the Gospel of Matthew.


The Easter Vigil worship service can be found here:

Good Friday at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church on April 10, 2020

The Good Friday liturgy tells the story of Jesus’ Passion. We meet Jesus at the foot of the cross. As we grieve his death, we voice our lives’ laments. This year, congregants offer laments for Indigenous land loss (David Berg), COVID-19 (Melanie McRae), unintended pregnancy (Anonymous), pandemic racism (Keith and Libby Olstad), and the ecological destruction of the border wall (Marianna Hefte). Immanuel Davis (flute) and Kathe Jarka (cello) share their gifts of music. Rob Englund serves as our gospel reader. Even in the sorrow of this day, we trust in the resurrection promises given to us.

The Good Friday worship service can be found here:


Maundy Thursday Worship

We begin the Triduum, the Three Days, on Maundy Thursday. We share in the meal of Holy Communion and, in the humbling act of foot washing, we hear and practice Jesus’ mandates (mandate) commanding his disciples to love one another. Click here to participate in our Maundy Thursday worship service.

We are  celebrating Holy Communion. We invite you to find bread or crackers, wine or grape juice (or any morsel of food and sip of liquid) in your house and to celebrate God’s meal with all of us. Additionally, we invite you to gather a bowl of warm water and a towel for foot washing.

You are not alone. We journey together.