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We are committed to Jesus’ message of nonviolence and strive to be peacemakers in our world.  Holy Trinity hosts meetings of “Every Church a Peace Church” and regularly participates in and publicizes local and national peace events.  We also provide educational opportunities on issues of peace and nonviolence through newsletters, adult forums, and dialogue events.  Holy Trinity is also an international peace site.

Marcus Borg, Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, Jim Wallis, and David Cortright are some of the guests who have spoken at Holy Trinity on the nonviolence of Jesus.


Peace – Related Community Partners:

Friends of Sabeel

Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches (GMCC)
The Peace with Justice Committee is working with the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches to host a family of refugees. Over a period of 30 years this congregation sponsored about 250 refugees, most from Southeast Asia.

Partnership for the Education of Children in Afganistan (PECA)