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Church Council and Committees


President: Theresa Rian
Vice President: Bryan Kuzel
Secretary: Melanie Townsend
Treasurer: John Sulzbach


A great deal of Holy Trinity’s work is carried out by the committees of the congregation.  Committees represent the interest of, and perform essential duties for, the congregation as a whole.  Committees plan actions and provide for their implementation.

The committees, along with their current chair people and a brief summary of their responsibilities, are as follows:

Adult Education: Randy Nelson

The Christian Education Committee formulates policies that guide the church school; coordinates the development of adult Christian education experiences; coordinates the process of recruiting and training people to function as teachers in the congregation’s education program; reviews and evaluates resources used in the education program of the congregation; and provides for the care of the library, purchase of books, and encouragement of library use.

Children & Family: Sara Jensen

Church Property: Dennis Nordholm

The Church Property Committee provides for the maintenance of all properties owned by the congregation; provides for the purchase of all supplies related to the normal use of the properties of the church; and develops short- and long-range plans for the renovation, replacement, and expansion of church properties.

Financial Stewardship: Gary Johnson

The Financial Stewardship Committee monitors income and disbursements and provides regular analysis and reports to the congregation; provides for the interpretation of the work of the wider church and the use of benevolence monies; encourages personal and corporate stewardship practices that are consistent with the teachings of the church; supervises the insurance program of the congregation as it relates to properties and liability; provides for an annual audit of all financial accounts of the congregation and programs associated with it; coordinates the development of a budget for the congregation and its interpretation; and makes provision for the conduct of special authorized financial projects of the congregation.

Housing Social Service: Joy Nelson

The Housing Social Service Committee provides meals with fellowship bi-monthly at Trinity Apartments and monthly at Trinity-on-Lake; and provides additional recreation and/or interest groups at Trinity Apartments and Trinity-on-Lake as the interest is expressed and resources are available.

Nurturing Relationships: Nancy Moe

The Nurturing Fellowship Committee coordinates efforts within the congregation for homebound people and those with special needs; provides for special congregational events that have an essentially fellowship function; and explores and encourages the development of special groups.

Outreach: Juliann Breting Rohn

The Outreach Committee promotes Holy Trinity to the broader community and introduces visitors and potential new members into the life of the congregation.

Peace with Justice for all Creation: Martha Mueller

The Peace with Justice Committee studies and identifies critical situations in today’s world; discerns and proposes to the congregation means to address them; coordinates the congregation’s study, advocacy, and programming; fosters relationships with other groups working on these concerns; and encourages a community of moral and ethical discourse in south Minneapolis.

Personnel: Phil Jury

The Personnel Committee provides staff support regarding personnel issues and makes recommendations to the Financial Stewardship Committee regarding the personnel budget.

Worship & Fine Arts

The Worship & Fine Arts Committee provides support to and consultation with the pastor and music staff regarding the conduct of weekly and special worship services in accordance with the practices of the ELCA and in a manner that draws upon the resources of the ecumenical community of faith; provides for the availability of worship and devotional resources; coordinates the conduct of fine arts events; provides for the purchase of worship supplies, vestments, banners, and artwork.

Youth: Melanie Townsend

The Youth Committee engages confirmation and post-confirmation-age youth (grades 7-12) in the life and work of the congregation by providing service, educational, and fellowship activities that supplement the confirmation program.  These meaningful and fun experiences are intended to build community and encourage thoughtful reflection about faith and lifelong involvement in the church.